Bellyfit® is a holistic fitness experience exclusively for women with cardio movement inspired by Belly Dance, Bollywood, Bhangra, African Dance and more; plus sculpting and toning of your core inspired by Pilates; deep, relaxing Yoga inspired stretching and a blissful Mudra Meditation. This is a beautiful creation of ancient meets modern style of fusion group fitness. 


One hour will transform your Body, Mind and Spirit!



Tuesdays: 9:15am and Thursdays 10:15am

at Firstenburg Community Center, 700 NE 136th Ave, Vancouver 


Why I Chose Bellyfit®...

I was called to teach Bellyfit® from the very first class I attended. I had never experienced the amazing feeling of connection on so many levels through moving my body. Instantly I began to deeply connect with the purpose this would serve for me and the women who would  come to my classes. 

I am empowered by the focus of breaking down the walls around body image and the witnessing of women believing in themselves, in opening their bodies through movement, and tapping into their personal power and spirit by taking time for themselves. Bellyfit® has deepened my personal practice on all levels. I have been able to open my body in a way that enables me to exist at a higher vibration. This has opened me to greater energies during my Reiki sessions. My intuition and ability to connect has also offered a deeper level of trust in myself.

Having felt the shifts in my own life, I know that even bigger and more amazing shifts will happen for those women who attend Bellyfit® classes.


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