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Tibetan Cranial®

What is Tibetan Cranial®?

"Tibetan Cranial® is a healing modality that originated in the Himalayan highlands about 3,000 years ago and is now practiced in its traditional form in the West. TC Practitioners use their fingertips to read hundreds of pulses on the recipient’s head. With the pulses as their guide, Practitioners touch specific points on the neck and bones of the skull, including the face, the back of the head, and the palate. As the Practitioners apply gentle pressure, the pulses shift. The process continues until the pulses reach a place of balance. The practice is a disciplined approach, designed to re-align and restore our innate capacity for self healing. Recipients report that TC has led to transformation on all levels of their being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual."

Please watch these short videos below to find out more information about this ancient healing modality and how it differs from Cranial Sacral sessions. For more information on how to begin training to become a TC practitioner click the Learn More link below the videos and follow your calling. 

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Learn how Shar Lee became the lineage holder of a Tibetan healing modality. Tibetan Cranial has a rich and ancient history that originated in the Himalayan highlands about 3,000 years ago. This sacred knowledge is not merely a method of anatomy; it is a lineage of sacred knowledge that has been passed down through generations of deeply devout Buddhist Monks.
Learn how Tibetan Cranial is different from Sacral Cranial, what happens during a Tibetan Cranial session, and how often one should receive Tibetan Cranial sessions. Tibetan Cranial is a unique combination of disciplined technique and attuned intuition. It is based on the natural integration of mind, body and spirit.